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    Low Back Bra

    What is a Low-Back Bra? A low-back bra allows women to wear backless or low-back clothing without ha...

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    Water Bra

    You had heard of different types of bras that accentuate the cleavage of small breasted women. But y...

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Fuller Figures Deserve the Best – Elomi

elomi Maria Convertible Strapless Underwire Bra (EL8500) 34HH/Cream

Are you tired of shopping for bras that are intended for a fuller figure, yet don’t supply you with the style you want? Or you get the style, yet they lack in support? This can be a frustrating reality for the fuller-figured woman. Manufacturers tend to design bras for the tiny perky bodies of teenagers or emaciated supermodels, and leave ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Bra

Mio Sexy Aqua Blue Sorbet Sheer Bra and Brief Set Small/Medium

Nearly every woman wear one every day, but how many women are wearing a bra that actually fits? The low number might surprise you. Many sources say that about 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. How does that happen and how can it be fixed? Keep reading below to find out. The Importance of Fit As women, ... Read More »

What Bra to Wear Under a Wedding Dress?


One of the more important days in a woman’s life is her wedding day. It is something that is anticipated for years and a lot of planning goes into making the day as perfect as possible. Included in the planning process is certain to be the bridal gown. You are going to be the focus of attention on that special ... Read More »

Which Bra Should You Wear?


We’ve all been there. You’re putting together the perfect outfit for a date night and the clothes, shoes, and accessories are coming together perfectly. Then, you have to choose a bra and nothing is working quite right. If you’re at a loss for what to wear or how to build your bra collection, check out the guide below.  Focus on ... Read More »

Womens Bras


Choosing the Right Bra For You  As women we may view our breasts as something that enhances our clothes, gives us the ability to “get what we want” or as purely functional. In today’s world, these womanly attributes have been made into a multi-billion dollar industry and part of this boob-apolooza is definitely bras. However, finding the right one for ... Read More »

What Can a Magic Push Up Bra Do for You?


What Can a Magic Push Up Bra Do for You? If you are a woman who wears a bra, you’ve probably heard about push up bras. They are the bras that push the breasts up and inwards to create a better cleavage for you primarily, and make your breasts look larger secondarily. Hence, the name ‘push up bra’. Both ends ... Read More »

Water Bra: What are the benefits of wearing them on a regular basis?


There is a new type of bras in the lingerie market which uses implants filled with water in them. These are called water bras and are very popular among all sections of women. Most women are not happy with their breast size. Those who are small breasted have the option of wearing padded bras that would push up their small ... Read More »